Rural Vision 2031

Vision 2025
The Council prepared a vision document for the whole of St Edmundsbury in 2005. Vision 2025 is designed to give a clear and shared vision of “how we see the beautiful and successful area of St Edmundsbury in 20 years’ time – and to help realise the aspirations of our community, be that for local residents or local businesses.”

It was prepared after talking to a range of partner organisations and the local community to identify the main challenges that needed dealing with by 2025. This resulted in the vision and the action plans for delivery contained in the final Vision 2025 document.

Vision 2025 now needs looking at again to see what’s changed and to extend the period that it covers. The Rural Vision 2031 will do this.

The Replacement St Edmundsbury Borough Local Plan 2016
In 2006 the Council adopted a Local Plan for the borough that set out the planning policies and proposals for the area to 2016. This included the identification of sites for development around the town as well as zoning areas with particular planning constraints. With only five years remaining, there is a need to identify the longer term planning proposals for the town to meet the needs of both current and future residents. The Rural Vision 2031 will do this.

Local Development Framework Core Strategy
The Core Strategy is a high level strategic planning framework for the whole of St Edmundsbury. Work commenced on preparing the document in 2007 and it was formally adopted by the Council in December 2010. The Core Strategy has already determined how many new homes and jobs we need to plan for in St Edmundsbury and the locations for the main areas of growth. The preparation of the Rural Vision 2031 provides an opportunity to put some flesh on the Core Strategy and provide an opportunity for anyone with an interest in the rural areas to contribute to the shaping of its future.

Planning for certainty
We plan for long term growth so that there is certainty in how and where the rural areas will grow sustainably. This ensures that service providers can plan and deliver the necessary infrastructure to enable the planned growth to happen when it is required. This would include such facilities as shops, schools, roads, sewers and health centres as well as housing and employment land.


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